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God Heard Me by Anne Peterson

Today Anne Peterson is back as our guest blogger to share an amazing story of how God provided in miraculous ways to answer her prayer...

I was mad at God.

My heart had started building a wall around it and with each disappointment the wall became thicker.

I was actually giving God the silent treatment. Outwardly I was cordial, but inside, my heart was becoming hard.

Satan is a liar

Experiencing one loss after another made it easier for me to believe the enemy's lies, “God doesn’t care about you. If he cared, why did he take your mother, father and your sister? And what about the baby you just miscarried? How could God love you and take so much from you?"

Sometimes lies feel true.

The trip of a lifetime

My husband Mike was stationed in Germany and the Hospitality House, a mission to soldiers and their families, was planning a trip to Israel. The trip sounded wonderful. After listening to Al, the director talk about the once-in-a-lifetime-trip I wanted to go, even though inside I was still mad at God.

“Mike, do you think we could think of going to Israel? I asked.

I knew the answer, but I still had to ask.

Mike stated the obvious, we did not have the money.

But after Mike heard Al’s pitch for the trip for himself, he started to wonder and said,

“Maybe we could trust God for the trip.”

God loves it when we step out in faith

“Al,” we told him, “We want to talk to you about something but we don’t want you to laugh. “I won’t laugh,” Al responded as he listened.

Then Al said, “Let’s pray.”

Al prayed for God’s provision if God wanted us to go to Israel. Walking out of Al’s office, one of the single guys Pete approached us. We loved Pete and his heart towards God.

“What’s going on?” Pete asked.

Sheepishly we shared that we wanted to trust God for the trip to Israel.

Well, he said, “I feel God wants me to give this to you,” handing us a check for the amount of the deposit, $150.00.

My heart was deeply touched

We stood there speechless and I felt something stir my hard heart.

In the coming weeks Al offered the class a challenge. Whoever could memorize the first chapter of James and the whole book of 1 John in the Bible, reciting it with less than two errors could have half of their trip paid for. I took the challenge. And I succeeded! The cost of our trip was now cut in half, leaving us a balance of $450.00.

Another soldier offered to loan us the money but Mike and I both felt we were not to take on debt. If God provided, we would go.

So, we thanked Ben and kept praying.

The mail came

Then we received a check from the army. They had overcharged us for our move and refunded us the amount of the overage. The check was for $450.00. Yes, the exact amount of our balance.

I thought it was clear that our trip was paid for, Mike felt otherwise. We went to see Al and after Mike explained we really needed that money for our utility bill which was soon due.

Al said in his usual way, “Let’s pray.”

“You don’t understand,” Mike interjected, “we still have bills that will soon be due, we can’t use that money for the trip.”

More prayer

Al repeated, “Let’s pray.”

So we brought our desire to God once more. We loved these times sitting with Al, talking with God. Al always encouraged us to trust God. Leaving the back room another friend approached us.

“What’s going on?” Chuck asked.

“We’re believing God for our trip to Israel,” Mike said.

And then Chuck opened his wallet and handed us $450.00 cash.

“I just got my taxes back and I believe God wants me to give this to you.”

We looked at one another, hugged Chuck and started jumping up and down as we screamed, “We’re going to Israel!”

The trip was more wonderful than you could imagine. We floated in the Dead Sea, prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. We rode camels and I rode a donkey in Bethlehem, like Mary had.

With all the wonderful sights we saw, I have to say the thing that struck me the most was that God gave me the desires of my heart even though I was struggling with him.

And as we walked where Jesus once walked, I felt my heart soften even more..

One of God’s names is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide. And he does provide our needs. But sometimes, he even grants us the desires of our hearts. Not because of who we are, but because of who he is.

Anne Peterson is a poet, speaker and published author. Some of her books include her memoir, Broken: A Story of Abuse and SurvivalReal Love: Guaranteed to Last, and children’s books, including: Emma’s WishThe Crooked House. She recently published Droplets, a poetry book for those in grief. Anne has also authored 42 published Bible Studies and over 30 articles with’s Christian Woman. Anne is also a regular contributor to Her poetry is available in gift stores throughout the U.S. as well as in 23 countries. While Anne enjoys being a poet, speaker and published author, her favorite title is still, “Grandma.”

To find out more about Anne you can visit her at:



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