Especially for Teens


This page is for teens and those who love one, who might be struggling.  It's incredibly hard to be a teen just dealing with normal day to day issues. You deal with things like peer pressure plus  physical and emotional changes as your body is maturing. If you throw in issues that many teens deal with such as  bullying, disability, illness, abuse, depression...the grief can be overwhelming. This page is for the teens who are hurting and seeking help. I've tried to find some videos of people I know who are inspirational...people whose stories might offer you some hope. There are also resources on these pages that you might find useful in your search for  help. If you have a prayer request or you have any questions, you can write to me at:

You are not alone... you are cared for... you are loved! There is hope! If you are going through hard times there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't see it right now.

This first story I want to share with you is of a young guy  I know named Brryan Jackson.  Brryan has a ministry called Hope Is Vital. He has a pretty amazing story... when he was a baby his father injected him with the HIV virus to avoid paying child support. Brryan not only had to deal with having a father that could do such an unspeakable act,  but then  he also had to deal with being shunned, bullied and rejected because he has HIV. Brryan speaks to youth sharing his story of hope and forgiveness... letting people know that they can overcome anything with God's help and that there is freedom in forgiveness.