Debbie Kay bio

I am from Southern California and was blessed to grow up in a Christian home.  I learned about Jesus at a very young age and I asked Christ to be my Savior when I was five years old. When I was fifteen in 1975, I went to a Dave Boyer concert and it impacted me like nothing ever had. I had loved the Lord from a young age, but I felt God move in me that night in a life changing way. I fully dedicated my life to God after that concert, just wanting to be used for His glory.

I had started playing instruments when I was five and began writing songs when I was fourteen. I knew first hand what a strong influence music could be and I wanted to share Jesus with people through my own music. What I lacked in experience because of my age, I made up for with passion and enthusiasm. God opened doors and used this willing vessel, despite my inexperience! the age of fifteen, I began ministering in prisons, churches, Christian coffee houses and  at fairs.  I continued in Christian music and ministry into my mid-twenties. I was married in 1984 and only occasionally performed  after we were married, as I helped my husband with his business. Unfortunately, my marriage ended in divorce after my husband was unfaithful. I decided to return to my first love of music and in 1989, I recorded a country/pop album. While recording the album, I fell in love and we were married. I was beginning to get radio airplay and was performing regularly, when I was forced to abandon everything after I contracted a staph infection in the hospital after having a miscarriage.  The infection decimated my immune system and i contracted the first of multiple auto-immune diseases that I have dealt with ever since.  In 1993, after the Lord performed multiple miracles, we were blessed with a beautiful son. When he was around 2 1/2 he was diagnosed with  multiple disabilities including Autism. My life's mission became working with him, doing therapy and home schooling. I really didn't think music would be part of my life again but that was okay. My heart was full taking care of my son. He is just the joy of my life!.

In 2004, my life was turned upside down when my husband left. My son and I went through some really dark times while trying to re-gain our footing and re-establish ourselves after this life altering experience. The Lord is always so faithful, though, and  because of our trials, we grew to know God in ways that we had never known before. I learned that there is a huge difference between faith and trust and that our God is faithful to His promises. He is near to the brokenhearted and He does bind our wound! As I healed from my pain, I began to feel a real calling to help others that were hurting and broken. The first step I took to that end, was to be certified in Grief Recovery in the summer of 2007....but God wasn't through preparing me for what he had in store for me.. Just a few months later I became bedridden as I dealt with a cantaloupe size tumor that broke down my pelvic floor. I had to have three surgeries and I remained bedridden for 2008 and most of 2009.  I filled my time immersing myself in the Word, uplifting books and prayer. One of the books I read was the; "Prayer of Jabez.” I began praying that prayer which is from 1 Chronicles 4:10. It says: And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my border (according to the book, this means sphere of influence), that thy hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it be not to my sorrow! And God granted him that which he requested.  (Basically, my prayer became, “bless me Lord, so I can bless others and expand my territory”) 

During this same time period, my nephew put the album I had recorded 20 years earlier up on MySpace. I truly thought nothing would come from it. But out of the blue, there was a renewed interest in my music. I told everyone that contacted me that I was no longer singing or in ministry...but  a few months later, after I received repeated requests from multiple places, (none of which were initiated or pursued by me), I took it as a sign that I was to go through these open doors that God Himself was opening. Radio stations in different parts of the world started playing songs from my twenty year old album and  I shared my testimony in a live radio interview in Scotland. We have an amazing God that is so full of surprises!

In 2010, I was asked to become a Ministry Associate of Joni and Friends, I became a credentialed Minister through United Evangelical Churches and I studied to become a Life Coach.

In 2012, I discovered that God was not through in answering my prayer to expand my territory. In February 2012, I had about 1200 followers on my Facebook Ministry page and I reached about 200 people per week. In what could only be called a movement of God, people suddenly started flocking to my page. At the peak of this movement, they were coming at the rate of 1000 an hour. Within a week, there were over 95,000 fans on my page from 86 countries. The ministry has continued to grow and now as of January 2014,  it reaches people in 140 countries and we have at this writing over 350,000 fans just on Facebook and we just set a new record  on the Facebook page of reaching over 36,000,000 people in a week. I never could have imagined when I prayed that simple prayer what God would do. it was beyond anything, I could think, dream or imagine...I give all the credit and the glory to God for what He has is obvious, that only the Lord could do such miracles!

In 2012, I became an author and I am working on several more books. When my husband left in 2004, I would not have believed you, if you told me what I would be doing ten years later. God redeems what the enemy means for our harm. The Lord wastes nothing in our lives, friends!   Everything I have gone through in my life...abuse, miscarriages, death, infidelity, divorce, chronic illness and having a special needs child, has all been used to minister to others that are dealing with the same issues. It has given me an understand for what others go through and a sense of compassion for their pain and I am able to share the good news with them that our God does heal and restore and that there is hope in Jesus because I know from first hand experience.. In Romans 8:28 the Bible tells us that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. I can testify to the truthfulness of that promise.